Order process - 1. Customer orders, 2. Send direct to your POS, 3. Delivered

Order Process

Flyt connects the POS, kitchen and stock systems restaurants use, with the leading food ordering websites operated by Just Eat Takeaway.com

  • Sync your restaurant menu with online ordering

  • Get incoming orders direct to your point of sale

  • Update item availability in real time

  • Streamline your processes so you can focus on the things that matter; your customers, food and staff

Just Eat delivery


Integrating with Flyt is easy, and we’ve done it many times

  • 80+ POS and back-of-house systems integrated

  • Technical staff on hand to support your integration

  • Clear examples and case studies to follow

  • 24 hour on-call support

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Trusted by the world’s largest brands across North America, Europe and Australasia

North American Partners

  • McDonald's McDonald's
  • Recipe Recipe
  • Boston Pizza Boston Pizza
  • Tim Hortons Tim Hortons

European Partners

  • McDonald's McDonald's
  • Greggs Greggs
  • Nando's Nando's

Australasian Partners

  • McDonald's McDonald's
  • Hungry Jacks Hungry Jacks
  • Pizza Hut Pizza Hut