Let your customers pay their check from Messenger

Paying a check is broken. It takes on average 12.5 minutes to pay across the casual dining sector. Users can split after the fact using 3rd party services, but this is a hack. So we made a frictionless experience that billions of users can access effortlessly.

Flyt integrates with your POS

The results are in...

We ran a month long trial with Facebook and Wahaca. During that period we saw some amazing statistics, here are some of the highlights.


of all transactions at the site through the bot


peak of weekly transactions through the bot


average conversion rate


peak conversion rate over 1 week

Why Messenger?

1.3bn active users across both app and web

A top 5 global app

Accessible from Facebook Pages with 2bn active users

Multi-platform and easy to access

Deployed in minutes not months

Key Features

Integrates with your existing POS

Free up waiter time

Customise the entire experience to fit your brand and change it on the fly

Links directly into your existing Facebook page

Target new customers whose facebook profile matches your existing customers

Create your own branded bot in minutes not months

Customise the tip amounts your customers see

Get more likes

How does it work?


Staff member provides the table number to the customer either on the printed receipt, or on a customised post-it note provided by Facebook.


Customer opens Messenger, types their table number and gets their check.


They choose how much they want to pay, pay and leave - it’s that simple.

Wahaca QuickPay Facebook Bot

We partnered with Facebook and Wahaca to trial a new way for diners to pay the bill during their meal. Dubbed Wahaca QuickPay, the bot combines our Pay at Table technology with the Messenger platform.

From the moment it was deployed the Wahaca bot was instantly available to Messenger’s 1.3bn+ monthly users, without the need to download and install a new app.

Over the four week trial period we saw a peak of 14.5% of transactions going through the bot, achieving an average conversion rate of 52.9%, and increased staff tips by an average 1.2%.

Wahaca QuickPay Facebook Bot

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