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Flyt is a middleware platform that is allowing hospitality retailers to install POS integrated services that improve their customers’ experience and improve operational efficiency.

Flyt integrates with your POS

Add value to the merchant experience

The Flyt platform allows for rapid expansion of services without the pain of managing point to point integrations.

Integration is hard. There are a lot of services that are continually coming to market, and merchants will insist on these being integrated and quickly. This leads to a significant challenge for POS providers; rapidly integrate everything or selectively integrate the few.

Flyt powered POS

Brands like Papa Johns and Nandos now power their food delivery via Flyt and Uber Eats. The direct integration with the POS system removes the need for the order tablet, which is quicker and eradicates re-keying errors, as well as ensuring out of stocks are highlighted before a customer is disappointed.

Flyt powered POS

Keep pace with technological change

As part of our mission to unify everything, Flyt partners with POS providers to help reduce the overhead and time taken to integrate services. Flyt does the heavy lifting so you can redeploy your tech resources on other business critical developments.

Flyt powered POS

Realise higher retention rates

Integrating with Flyt enhances your POS platform in the market. You’ll get greater retention from your current client base as they benefit from accessing new services, and create opportunities to win the attention of other merchants, who see Flyt as the defacto requirement to service their needs.

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